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Erosion and drainage issues on your property can cause major headaches if left unaddressed.

Heavy rains or flooding events can damage landscape beds, shift soil, and even undermine the integrity of foundations over time. Installing a specialized erosion fence is one of the most effective ways to protect your property.

Our fencing team here has in-depth expertise with erosion fencing installation and a deep understanding of the drainage challenges unique to the region.

We’ve completed customized erosion fencing projects for both residential and commercial clients throughout Edison and beyond.

Unlike flimsy, short-term silt fences, the heavy-duty woven or welded wire erosion fence solutions we offer are designed to permanently reinforce slopes and shore up areas vulnerable to erosion.

Sturdy steel posts anchor the specialized mesh fencing material securely in the ground along hillsides, waterways, grading changes and more.

This strong barrier contains and controls soil loss and water velocity during heavy storms and seasonal changes. It also traps sediment onsite to prevent it from draining onto sidewalks, patios, or your neighbors’ property.

In addition to preventing further erosion damage, installing an erosion control fence can also be an important first step toward rehabilitating areas already impacted by drainage issues over time.

Our experts can incorporate backfill soil, gravel or plants behind the new fencing to rebuild compromised slopes or beds to their original shape and grade.

This makes drainage fence installation an ideal solution for properties struggling with erosion problems stemming from issues like:

  • Poorly designed or aging landscape drainage
  • Changes made to neighborhood drainage systems or water flow
  • Runoff from nearby construction activities
  • Gradual soil loss in yards with sloped areas or grading changes
  • Stormwater overflow from nearby creeks or waterways
  • Ground shifts from new tree growth or root activity

Read on for an overview of our erosion fencing process or contact us directly for a free quote suited to your unique property needs.

Process We Follow for Erosion Fencing

Installing customized erosion fencing is a multi-step process that involves careful planning and execution. Our dedicated fencing installation team takes great pride in the quality of our work for every unique client.

Initial Site Evaluation

We begin every erosion control project with a detailed site evaluation. A qualified fencing expert will survey your entire landscape to pinpoint areas prone to erosion damage or drainage issues.

We assess the slope, grade, soil type, water flow patterns and other important factors that impact soil retention and performance of erosion fencing over time. These details inform the project recommendations and custom fencing design options we propose specifically for your property.

Fencing Material Selection

Our Edison fencing company utilizes only the most durable, high-quality woven and welded wire fencing materials approved for permanent erosion control applications.

Based on your project goals and landscape specifics, we’ll advise you on the specialized mesh style best suited to safely contain and control water flow and sediment on your property. Common options include:

Woven Wire Deer Fencing

This tightly woven galvanized steel wire material feature smaller 2” x 4” openings heavy enough to contain soil. It also deters deer and other wildlife from crossing into protected areas.

Welded Wire Mesh

For increased durability on steep slopes, heavy-duty welded wire features galvanized steel wires securely welded together for superior strength at the joints. Custom opening sizes are available

HDPE Plastic Mesh

High-density polyethylene plastic mesh fencing is extremely flexible and naturally resistant to rust and corrosion. The supple material easily conforms along contours.

Custom Fence Design

Every erosion fence project we complete is fully customized to address the unique landscape challenges and goals for that specific property. After finalizing the ideal fence material for your needs, we map out a strategic fence layout accounting for problem areas prone to erosion, drainage patterns, future landscaping plans and other requirements you have.

Proper fence height and post depth are critical factors our designers evaluate based on the slope severity and soil conditions on your land. For example, fences installed mid-slope with loose, sandy soil require deeper posts and potentially taller fencing compared to compacted clay soils near a pond edge. These customizations ensure optimal performance and longevity for your investment.

Professional Installation Services

Our full-service erosion fence installation process is designed for maximum quality and durability:

  • Skilled fence builders prep the installation area by clearing brush, trees and other obstructions where possible. This facilitates proper anchoring of fence posts over time.
  • We dig precise post holes using an auger for clean installation – no messy trenching across your property!
  • Fence posts are set in concrete within the holes to prevent shifting. For slopes, we angle end and corner posts for added anchoring strength against water pressure.
  • The specialized drainage mesh material is tightly secured to steel posts with durable ties. Proper tensioning contains soil without sagging over time.
  • For sloped yards, we can incorporate landscaping fill or gravel behind the fencing to immediately restore eroded areas if desired.

Throughout the process, we take care to protect surrounding landscape features. Our expert fencing crews will keep you informed about project progress and next steps along the way.

Cost of Erosion Fencing in Edison, New Jersey

Investing in professional erosion and drainage control fencing is an effective, affordable way to protect your area property for the long run. The total project cost depends on several key factors:

Fence Material Type

Woven wire is the most economical drainage fencing option. For high-tension applications on steep slopes, welded wire and HDPE plastic cost more but provide superior durability.

Fence Dimensions

The linear footage based on the perimeter length and fence height required to contain your landscape’s erosion issues also impacts overall project investment.

Site Prep Needs

While we take care to minimize landscape disruption, costs may also include clearing overgrown vegetation, removing old fencing, or equipment rental fees if significant ground prep is needed.

Specialty Services

Optional add-ons like debris removal, incorporating landscape backfill materials, and site restoration services influence the total quote as well.

To determine accurate pricing for your unique property, we offer FREE consultations and estimates for prospective erosion control fence installation clients. Contact us today to get started!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Harnessing years of fencing mastery, our skilled team ensures precision and proficiency for enduring, secure solutions every time.


Tailor your fencing dreams into reality. Our bespoke designs cater to your unique needs, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality seamlessly.

Quality Materials

We employ premium materials, ensuring your fence withstands time and elements while adding a touch of elegance to your property.

Professional Installation

Trust in our seasoned professionals for seamless installations. We handle every detail, guaranteeing a sturdy, visually pleasing outcome that stands the test of time.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our priority. From initial consultation to project completion, we’re committed to delivering excellence, exceeding your expectations at every turn.


Elevate your property without breaking the bank. Our transparent pricing and budget-friendly solutions make quality fencing accessible for every homeowner in Edison.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Edison, New Jersey

FAQs About Erosion Fencing in Edison, NJ

Does erosion fencing need to be removed eventually?

No – unlike short term silt fencing, the durable woven wire and welded wire drainage fences we install are approved for permanent, long-term erosion control. Regular maintenance helps ensure maximum performance for many years without removal.

Can you match my existing fence style?

Absolutely! Many clients wish to complement decorative backyard fencing with a more subtle erosion control barrier hidden within landscape beds or along property lines. We can match many designs and colors using powder-coated posts and mesh.

How long does installation take?

Most erosion fence projects take only 1-3 days total to fully complete. The duration depends on total linear footage and site complexity. We schedule crew sizes and equipment accordingly to deliver projects as efficiently as possible.

Do I need city permits for erosion fencing?

Regulations differ slightly across municipalities. As part of your free estimate, we’ll determine what paperwork is required based on your address and scope of work. We’re happy to submit applications or provide supporting documents on your behalf as well!

How soon can erosion fencing be installed?

We understand the urgency of preventing further property damage from drainage issues. Our flexible schedules and dedicated crews allow us to mobilize quickly in emergency scenarios. Contact us and mention priority installation needs when requesting your quote.

Can your fences hold up on steep hills or slopes?

Absolutely! Proper fence sizing, post depth, and strategic corner bracing makes our erosion control fences specifically designed for slope and hillside stabilization even on high-tension inclines or grades.

What kind of warranty do you provide?

We stand behind the quality of our professional fence installations and utilize only the best materials approved for permanent erosion and drainage control applications. Contact us regarding manufacturer warranty specifics per fence material type.

How often does erosion fencing need maintenance?

We recommend an annual erosion fence inspection after major storms. Tightening tension wires, clearing accumulated debris, and checking for holes extends fence lifespan. Proactive minor repairs can prevent more costly damage.

Do deer jump over erosion control fences?

It’s rare, but possible for deer to occasionally breach shorter heights. For high deer pressure regions, we recommend woven wire mesh fencing with very small openings. The tighter fence pattern deters most wildlife intrusions into protected areas.

What other services do you offer?

In addition to customized erosion control fences, Fencing Edison NJ also provides related drainage solutions: landscape design and renovations, drainage channel installation, trench drain systems, catch basis, storm drains, shoreline stabilization and more – contact us to learn more!

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