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Privacy Fencing Near Edison, New Jersey

Adding privacy fencing is one of the best ways to increase your backyard enjoyment while enhancing security and boosting your property value.

Our professional fencing contractors have installed beautiful privacy fences for over 10 years in the Edison area.

We use the highest-quality materials and techniques to construct long-lasting wood or vinyl privacy fences that provide security, noise reduction, and an elegant appearance.

Our privacy fencing stands up to all weather conditions and hides unsightly views while preventing trespassing. We can match our fences to your home’s style and architecture for seamless aesthetics.

With customized design assistance, hassle-free installation, and affordable pricing, our fences increase comfort and beauty while protecting what matters most – your family and home. Discover how our superior craftsmanship and attentive customer service set us apart.

Process We Follow for Privacy Fencing

Initial Consultation

We begin every new fencing project with an on-site evaluation of your property. Our project manager tours the areas needing fencing and discusses your vision and specifications regarding style, height, materials, and special features. We determine factors impacting installation like sloped terrain, permitting needs, obstacles to avoid, and local ordinance requirements.

With accurate measurements and site details, we develop a customized fence design and supply an exact written estimate broken down by materials, labor, and other costs – no surprise fees!

Materials Selection

Our showroom displays all available privacy fence styles, colors, textures, composites, and hardware, so you see your options firsthand before finalizing design decisions. We offer professional recommendations based on your home architecture, family needs, yard features, HOA guidelines, and budget.

Once you select the perfect materials, we order them specifically for your project. All our building components meet stringent quality standards for durability, safety, and endurance in New Jersey weather conditions.

Pre-Installation Preparations

Experienced project coordinators handle every preparatory task so your install flows smoothly. We subcontract specialized services as needed, such as:

  • Tree/brush clearing from fence footprints
  • Grading and leveling uneven terrain
  • Securing HOA approvals and permits

Meanwhile our team pre-builds as many fence sections as possible off-site for faster on-site assembly.

Fence Installation Process

On installation day our crew foreman meets with you to verify layout markings before digging the first post holes. We take great care to position posts and gates exactly according to plan. As sections go up we check vertical plumb and horizontal level while ensuring proper spacings, regional building code compliance, and safety.

For exceptionally long fence runs we divide into phases, allowing materials to acclimate between installations to prevent future warping or buckling. Our workmanship guarantees long-lasting structural integrity and alignment.

Throughout the process we protect your property, cleaning the site daily and securing unfinished sections safely overnight. Within approximately one week we transform your entire yard, completing a privacy fence masterpiece that will provide security and beauty for decades to come.

Follow-Up and Maintenance

We want you fully satisfied with your new privacy fence, so we schedule a walkthrough inspection to obtain your feedback. It’s our chance to perfect anything needing adjustment before demobilizing. We also offer customized maintenance plans and replenishment of spare materials so it’s easy to keep your fence looking its best for years.

Our customers appreciate how we handle projects from conceptual design through professional installation to lifetime upkeep. Discover firsthand the outstanding customer service we provide in Edison, NJ.

Cost of Privacy Fencing in Edison, NJ

The cost of privacy fencing ranges between $15-$45 per linear foot depending on:

  • Fence height and width
  • Material (pressure-treated pine, cedar, redwood, vinyl, aluminum)
  • Terrain complexity impacting post hole digging/installation
  • Accessibility and permits
  • Special privacy feature add-ons like lattice or decorative tops
  • Whether existing fences/boundaries need removal

We provide free, precise quotes accounting for all your specific project variables. Our prices remain affordable due to steady supplier relationships and streamlined processes that reduce waste and delays. We offer flexible financing so you can have the fence you want at payments you can handle.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Harnessing years of fencing mastery, our skilled team ensures precision and proficiency for enduring, secure solutions every time.


Tailor your fencing dreams into reality. Our bespoke designs cater to your unique needs, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality seamlessly.

Quality Materials

We employ premium materials, ensuring your fence withstands time and elements while adding a touch of elegance to your property.

Professional Installation

Trust in our seasoned professionals for seamless installations. We handle every detail, guaranteeing a sturdy, visually pleasing outcome that stands the test of time.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our priority. From initial consultation to project completion, we’re committed to delivering excellence, exceeding your expectations at every turn.


Elevate your property without breaking the bank. Our transparent pricing and budget-friendly solutions make quality fencing accessible for every homeowner in Edison.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Edison, New Jersey

FAQs About Privacy Fencing in Edison, NJ

What is the best wood for privacy fencing?

The best woods for privacy fences in Edison are cedar and redwood because they naturally resist rotting, cracking, and insect damage without chemical treatments. We also use pine lumber pressure-treated for longevity.

What is the most private fencing style?

Solid panels from quality woods installed with tightly spaced boards provide the most privacy and noise reduction. Seven-foot tall styles with decorative lattice or arched lattice tops look beautiful while preventing visibility beyond the fence line.

How long does it take to install a privacy fence?

The installation timeframe ranges from 3 days to 2 weeks depending on length. We assemble as much as possible off-site to minimize on-location construction. For extra long runs we recommend phased installs to enable proper curing between sections.

Can I stain or paint my new wooden privacy fence?

Yes, you can stain or paint a wood privacy fence. We recommend allowing it to weather naturally for 6-12 months before applying protective coatings which can inhibit natural curing and may void warranties.

Should fence boards be placed inside or outside the posts?

Fence boards placed on the inner side of posts provide a smoother, more aesthetically pleasing look from driveway or yard views facing your new fence.

How much space should be between fence boards?

We leave 1-2 inches between boards to allow for expansion and contraction without buckling. Wider spacing may compromise privacy; narrower risks warping. We aim for breathability without visibility.

How much wind can a privacy fence withstand?

Properly installed wooden privacy fences can withstand winds exceeding 90 mph. We anchor posts deep into concrete foundations reinforced with rebar. Vinyl and metal alloys provide even greater wind resistance.

Can a fence be installed in winter?

Yes, but frozen, muddy or waterlogged soil makes installing posts extremely challenging. Once the ground thaws, posts can shift resulting in alignment issues. We recommend waiting for spring or installing temporary posts-anchors until soils improve.

How can I save money on my privacy fence quote?

Choosing standard height and width panels as well as concrete post caps over decorative tops saves significantly on materials. Providing easy site access via unlocked gates and securing permits in advance also reduce price. We offer unlimited design consultations to balance aesthetics, features and budget.

Should I purchase spare boards or hardware for future repairs?

Yes, having extra boards and hardware allows quick replacements if any boards crack, warp or detach, avoiding future color/texture mismatches with original fencing. We determine required quantities based on total linear footage and provide discounts on additional materials purchased at time of installation.

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