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Post and Rail Fencing Company Near Edison, New Jersey

When considering fencing installation or replacement for your property, post and rail fencing delivers classic good looks blended with durability.

This timeless fencing style lends handsome definition to boundaries and landscape features.

Our friendly, local fencing experts offer customized post and rail fencing installation services to precisely suit your needs and budget, whether a small project or large acreage.

We handle the entire process for you, from planning and permits to quality materials and professional installation by our skilled team.

With smart design tailored for your property’s layout and function, fine construction, and meticulous workmanship, our post and rail fences make a lasting impression. They provide security, enhance beauty and architecture, and even add value over time.

Process We Follow for Post and Rail Fencing

With decades of cumulative experience designing and installing custom fences in Edison and surrounding towns, our team makes the process smooth from initial quote through to the finished fence. Here is an overview of what you can expect:

Initial Site Evaluation and Planning

The project kicks off when our Edison fencing professionals evaluate your specific property and project. We discuss your goals, explore ideas and options, assess any site challenges, and develop a well-defined project scope. This upfront planning ensures we design and build the ideal fence to meet your needs.

Detailed Quote With Transparent Pricing

Next, we provide a detailed quote outlining exactly what’s included. Our fence installation quotes break costs down clearly, so you know what you’re paying for. No hidden fees or surprises. Quotes are good for one year.

Securing Permits

If your new fence requires local permits, don’t worry – we handle contacting the municipality and managing the permissions process for you. We’re familiar with Edison’s specific codes and requirements to make permitting hassle-free.

The Highest Quality Fencing Materials

With your approval, we order all necessary, high-grade fencing materials specifically for your project. For the posts and rails, we use durable woods that resist rotting and cracking yet provide attractive, natural appearances that develop richer patinas over time.

Prep Work and Site Readiness

Leading up to installation day, our crew clears the fence line area and handle any necessary site prep to eliminate obstacles and ensure proper terrain and drainage. This makes for smooth sailing once the build begins.

Precision Fence Installation by Our Skilled Team

Our professional installers have the experience, specialized tools and techniques to construct your new post and rail fence properly in order to stand the test of time. We level and sink posts solidly, assemble rails to posts with sturdy connections, and ensure the fence looks fantastic for decades to come.

Exceeding Expectations with Our Workmanship Warranty

We stand behind our work on every fencing project with an industry-leading warranty. This guarantees the quality and durability of materials and installation for your peace of mind. We want you totally thrilled with your new post and rail fence long after the job is done.

Optional Enhancements to Consider

  • Decorative post caps add an extra touch of charm
  • Landscape lighting for nighttime ambiance
  • A gate makes a stylish focal point and entryway

We offer these and other possible fence additions to customize your new barrier’s form and function.

Cost of Post and Rail Fencing in Edison, NJ

Pricing for custom post and rail fences depends on several variables:

  • Lineal footage – More linear feet equals higher overall cost
  • Post and rail materials used – Cedar, pine, redwood, etc.
  • Terrain difficulty – Gentle & accessible vs. hilly & dense
  • Permits required – Additional municipal fees if needed
  • Optional extras – Gates, lighting, concrete work, etc.

As local experts familiar with costs in Edison and nearby towns, we provide accurate quotes tailored to your specific job. Our pricing is all-inclusive and broken out clearly with no last-minute fees.

Rest assured our rates are fair and competitive, offering great value for a highly functional, great-looking post and rail fence hand-crafted to your property’s unique specifications.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Harnessing years of fencing mastery, our skilled team ensures precision and proficiency for enduring, secure solutions every time.


Tailor your fencing dreams into reality. Our bespoke designs cater to your unique needs, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality seamlessly.

Quality Materials

We employ premium materials, ensuring your fence withstands time and elements while adding a touch of elegance to your property.

Professional Installation

Trust in our seasoned professionals for seamless installations. We handle every detail, guaranteeing a sturdy, visually pleasing outcome that stands the test of time.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our priority. From initial consultation to project completion, we’re committed to delivering excellence, exceeding your expectations at every turn.


Elevate your property without breaking the bank. Our transparent pricing and budget-friendly solutions make quality fencing accessible for every homeowner in Edison.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Edison, New Jersey

FAQs About Post and Rail Fencing in Edison, NJ

Do post and rail fences provide security and privacy?

While post and rail fences define boundaries clearly and control access, they allow some visibility beyond the rails. Optional privacy slats can block views, but reduce airflow. For privacy, gates, strategic plantings or another fence style may work better.

What is the best wood for post and rail fences?

Cedar and redwood offer attractive, natural looks that stand up to outdoor exposure. Oak, pine or pressure-treated woods cost less but require more maintenance. Composite posts and rails offer durability without maintenance.

How long do post and rail fences last?

Properly installed post and rail fences have a typical lifespan around 15-25 years. Using durable, quality woods and proper construction techniques maximize longevity. Annual inspection and maintenance also keeps them going strong.

Do I need a permit for my new post and rail fence in Edison?

Most often permits are not required for typical residential barrier fencing. But codes vary, so we check Edison requirements for each job. We include the permit process with your installation if needed.

Should I have one or two rails?

Two rails add extra stability and distinction. But one rail costs less while still marking boundaries in classic style. The width of your property also helps determine what looks best. Our experts explore options to fit your site and tastes.

How far apart are fence posts spaced?

For horizontal post and rail fencing, posts are typically spaced 6-8 feet apart. Greater spans risk destabilizing without enough posts for attaching rails securely. Proper spacing also prevents any uneven sagging.

What height should I make my post and rail fence?

3-4 foot heights work well for pure aesthetics and pets, while 5 feet provides increased security and enclosure. Building codes may dictate height too. Taller fences often require permitted structural enhancements to withstand wind loads in our region.

Can I install a post and rail fence myself?

Ambitious DIYers can install their own basic post and rail fencing, but getting it perfectly level and sturdy takes skill. Plus you’ll need proper tools. For best results, our professional installation expertise is often well worth the cost.

How much does a post and rail fence installation cost?

Average installed costs for basic post and rail fences run $15-25 per linear foot, including professional installation. Higher-end wood species, terrain challenges, lengthier spans, and extras can increase overall project investment. Get in touch for an exact quote!

What is the best type of gate for my new post and rail fence?

Single swing gates up to 4-feet wide offer easy access for people and pets while coordinating with post and rail’s classic styling. Or consider a sliding track gate for wider openings without a sweeping arc clearance. Which works best depends on your entrance width needs and preferences.

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