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Wood Fencing Near Edison, New Jersey

Installing a high quality wood privacy fence can enhance your backyard living space by adding beauty, security and privacy.

With over 15 years of expertise building wood fences for homes and businesses in Edison, our team knows how to craft customized wood fences to perfectly suit your needs and budget.

Unlike flimsy pre-fab panels from big box stores, we use durable wood fencing materials that can stand up to New Jersey’s variable climate.

And our experienced fence installers properly space sturdy posts and cross beams to create solid, long-lasting wood fence panels that will retain their attractive appearance for years.

With flexible wood fencing options including dog ear, board-on-board, alternating board, basket weave and more, we can create just the right wood fence design to match your home’s architecture and yard size.

And by using high quality wood materials, professional grade hardware and structural reinforcement, our artfully-constructed wood privacy fences provide security, noise reduction and elegant curb appeal that prefab wood panels simply can’t match.

Whether you need a new wood fence enclosing your entire backyard or a short decorative wood fence and gate to screen a patio or pool area, our team combines creative vision with structural integrity to build wood fences that check all the boxes for safety, privacy and aesthetic appeal.

Process We Follow for Wood Fencing

Custom building beautiful wood fences that stand the test of time requires careful planning, conscientious construction practices and attention to every detail. Here is an overview of our proven process for crafting enduring wood fences for homes:

Detailed Site Evaluation and Planning

  • Initial backyard measurement
  • Identify utilities, obstacles and drainage
  • Review local permit/code requirements
  • Create scaled site map with fence layout
  • Select best fence height, style and materials
  • Provide 3D design rendering (optional)

Before starting installation, our project manager will carefully evaluate your entire backyard space to gather exact measurements and identify any potential site issues.

After surveying existing landscaping, trees, pathways, utilities and drainage areas that could impact fence placement, they will discuss your goals for security, privacy and aesthetics to determine the optimal fence design, materials, finishes and accessories to recommend.

Once you’ve approved a custom fence plan tailored your property, lifestyle and budget, they will obtain any required municipal permits and schedule your project.

Preparing the Site

  • Outline fence installation area
  • Remove old fencing if needed
  • Clear and level installation zone
  • Mark post hole positions

On installation day, our crew will use your approved plans to precisely lay out the new fence line and post positions.

We will remove any existing fencing and clear a level work area. And if the site requires demolition of old concrete or brick patio areas, we can handle that too.

Structural Post Installation

  • Dig holes to proper depth + width
  • Insert galvanized steel posts
  • Pour concrete to anchor posts
  • Allow concrete footing to cure

With the post hole positions clearly marked, we’ll dig each hole slightly wider than the fence post width and approximately 3 feet deep to securely anchor them in the ground.

After lowering galvanized steel fence posts into each hole, we’ll align them perfectly straight and pour concrete around the posts. Proper concrete footing depth and curing time ensures maximum stability.

Attaching Support Beams

  • Install top horizontal support beams
  • Attach interim vertical brace posts
  • Allow concrete to fully cure

Once the concrete has cured, we’ll attach sturdy horizontal cross beams along the tops of the fence posts to support the vertical boards.

For extra reinforcement, interim vertical posts may be secured to the horizontal beam between the main posts.

Installing Fence Boards

  • Shape boards to custom sizes
  • Stain/seal boards if desired
  • Nail boards to posts + beams
  • Install decorative post caps

With the underlying fence framework complete, we are ready to infill the fence boards cut to size. We can match boards to the width between posts for minimal gaps or install them with slight spacing depending on your preferred aesthetic.

Pre-sealing or staining the boards provides extra protection. Finally, installing decorative post caps adds a handsome finished look.

Gate Installation

  • Attach pre-built gate frames
  • Adjust gate hardware for smooth operation
  • Weatherproof for durability

For fence openings and pathways, we’ll install sturdy self-closing gate frames designed to match the height and styling of your new wood fence boards.

After testing the gates open freely without dragging, we’ll apply weatherproof sealant to the gate hardware so it continues gliding smoothly for years.

Cleanup and Inspection

  • Inspect fence for secure installation
  • Remove all debris from site
  • Review aesthetic details with homeowner
  • Make any final adjustments

Before considering the wood fence installation complete, we’ll walk the entire perimeter with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the finished product.

We want you to enjoy your new backyard oasis for decades to come! So we’ll make any last tweaks necessary until you’re thrilled with how your custom wood fence turned out.

Cost of Wood Fencing in Edison, NJ

With so many factors impacting the total expense of wood fencing installation, costs can range widely. Custom fence height, length, materials, terrain difficulty and more all contribute to pricing.

In general, you can expect to invest approximately $25-50 per linear foot for wood privacy fencing installed by our pros. So for a typical 50 linear foot run, that translates to $1,250 – $2,500.

Wood fence costs depend mainly on:

  • Linear feet (length x height)
  • Fence materials (cedar, redwood etc)
  • Decorative vs basic privacy style
  • Terrain flatness and accessibility
  • Extra features like gates or stone posts
  • Local permit fees if applicable

Rather than provide fence installation price estimates over the phone, our project managers will meet you onsite for an exact measurement of your backyard plus factor in all site conditions and project specifications before quoting a price.

This allows us to provide transparent, all-in pricing with no unexpected add-ons down the road.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Harnessing years of fencing mastery, our skilled team ensures precision and proficiency for enduring, secure solutions every time.


Tailor your fencing dreams into reality. Our bespoke designs cater to your unique needs, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality seamlessly.

Quality Materials

We employ premium materials, ensuring your fence withstands time and elements while adding a touch of elegance to your property.

Professional Installation

Trust in our seasoned professionals for seamless installations. We handle every detail, guaranteeing a sturdy, visually pleasing outcome that stands the test of time.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our priority. From initial consultation to project completion, we’re committed to delivering excellence, exceeding your expectations at every turn.


Elevate your property without breaking the bank. Our transparent pricing and budget-friendly solutions make quality fencing accessible for every homeowner in Edison.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Edison, New Jersey

FAQs About Wood Fencing in Edison, NJ

What are the most popular heights for wood fences in Edison?

The most frequently installed wood fence heights are:

  • 4 foot fence – Adds low-level decoration
  • 5 foot fence – Creates privacy while allowing some visibility
  • 6 foot fence – Provides complete privacy barrier

We can also build 7 or 8 foot fences if you require an extra-tall privacy barricade.

What style of wood fence looks best with my home’s exterior?

Our design consultants can recommend wood fence patterns that beautifully complement your home’s unique architecture. The most popular wood fence designs we install include:

  • Board-on-board – Simple, attractive solid wood pattern
  • Alternating board – Visually interesting mix of gaps
  • Basket weave – Complex interwoven appearance
  • Shadowbox – Accentuating depth and texture
  • Picket – Airy feel with evenly spaced boards

How long does it take to install a wood fence?

For standard 50 linear feet of fencing without gates or demolition, our crew can usually complete installation in 1-2 days. Larger fence projects with added features will take 2-5 days depending on specifics.

What is the best type of wood for outdoor fencing?

The ideal wood fencing materials for backyards are:

Cedar wood: Naturally resistant to insects, decay and moisture – retains rich color over time without frequent staining

Redwood: Dense, straight-grained wood that stands up to weather extremes without rotting

We also use pressure-treated pine for its strength, attractive grain and budget-friendly price point.

Should I stain or seal my new wood fence?

While not mandatory, applying specialized fence stain or sealant protects the wood from moisture, mildew and UV rays to maintain its like-new visual appeal 2-3 times longer before needing re-stain.

We provide professional stain/sealant application if desired. Expect to re-coat your fence every 3-5 years.

What is the difference between a privacy fence and a security fence?

Privacy fences are built mainly to screen backyard views with tightly-placed boards. They deter prying eyes from neighbors but are not impenetrable barriers.

Security fences use stronger materials, tamper-proof construction and security features like metal inserts or spikes to prevent intruders from entering your property by climbing over or cutting through.

How much spacing should there be between my fence boards?

For total visual blockage, we can butt boards up against each other with no spacing. If you prefer an airier aesthetic, 1-3 inch spacing creates an attractive shadow line effect. Wider gaps may align better with uneven terrain but allow some visibility through the fence.

How do you attach a fence to a chain link fence?

If installing wood fencing alongside a chain link boundary fence, we use heavy duty metal fence post clips secured with multiple bolts through both fence posts for a permanent, non-shifting connection.

What is the minimum depth for setting fence posts?

In Edison’s sandy soil type, proper fence post depth is:

Deck post = 24 inches Fence post = 36 inches Gate post = 48 inches

Meeting minimum depth and width requirements for the post holes is vital for sufficient wind resistance and anchoring strength.

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