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Windbreak Fencing Company Near Edison, New Jersey

Windbreaks provide vital protection for residential properties in Edison and surrounding areas of New Jersey. Installing a customized wind barrier can enhance outdoor enjoyment, reduce energy costs and prevent damage from strong winds and storms.

As experienced Edison fencing contractors, we specialize in planning and erecting durable windbreak systems using high-quality fence panels, trellises and materials.

Our certified team brings years of expertise for windbreak privacy fences, screens and enclosures. We handle the entire process – design, permitting, foundations and installation – and back our workmanship with long-term guarantees.

Whether you need backyard wind protection from a lake or golf course, or screening for your swimming pool, deck or patio, we can design and build the ideal wind barrier for your site conditions and landscaping.

Contact us today for a complimentary site assessment and quote for a custom windbreak design.

Process We Follow for Windbreak Fencing

Initial Property Assessment

The first step for a new windbreak project is thoroughly evaluating your property to understand existing conditions and landscaping that impact the wind patterns on site.

We conduct an on-site survey to analyze:

  • Wind directionality and problem areas needing screening
  • Vegetation, structures and obstructions on your lot
  • Sun/shade patterns throughout the day
  • Drainage, utilities and subsurface factors
  • Zoning setbacks and considerations

This allows us to determine optimal placement and orientation for maximum wind protection. We also consult on how the new wind barrier can complement other fencing, plantings and features.

Custom Windbreak Design

Leveraging our site survey findings, we create a tailored windbreak design plan addressing your unique landscape and challenges.

Key elements we focus on in our wind barrier schematics include:

  • Strategic positioning for screening prevailing winds
  • Choice of solid, semi-private or latticed fencing panels
  • Incorporating softscape elements like trees or vines
  • Using graduating fence heights for visual interest
  • Allowing sunlight penetration where desired
  • Blending aesthetically with your architecture

We produce detailed drawings indicating dimensions, components, finishes and other specifications to review together before finalizing.

Material Selection

Once we’ve approved the custom plans, our fence contractors will help select durable, attractive materials that provide both form and function in area wind conditions.

Fencing components available include:

  • Cedar, vinyl, composite wood or aluminum pickets
  • Metal frame panels or PVC lattice/trellis sections
  • Concrete, brick/stone or steel support posts
  • Privacy slats, windscreen fabric, reeds/bamboo
  • Accent caps, gates, arbors and lighting fixtures

We source products from leading U.S. brands known for weather-resistance and lifespan. You’ll have confidence your new wind barrier retains its protective qualities and aesthetic appeal over years of service.


Depending on the specifics of your approved windbreak design, the project may require permits from planning/zoning offices before installation can proceed.

Our team handles the permit application and approval process directly with the township on your behalf. We’re well-versed in local ordinances and building codes to ensure your new wind barrier complies with standards for safety, location on property lines and environmental impact.

Permitting can take several weeks, so we factor this into the project timeline. You can relax knowing we look after all paperwork and approvals.

Site Preparation

Before erecting any new fencing, the area must be prepared to accommodate footings and other foundation elements.

Our crew clears and levels the installation zones. And for posts that need permanent anchoring, we excavate holes to required depths based on height/weight loads. Materials such as rebar, concrete, gravel or sleeve collars are inserted to reinforce support points.

We take measures so no underground lines, pipes or wiring are disturbed in the process. All due precautions are followed for safe, efficient area preparation conforming to windbreak plans.

Professional Installation

With the permitting and site prep complete, our wind barrier specialists are ready to put each fencing component securely into place.

We take care to:

  • Align posts/frames ensuring windbreak sections are straight and plumb
  • Anchor footings/pylons according to specifications
  • Fasten panels, lattice and accessories to manufacturer guidelines
  • Install gates, hardware and operational features
  • Test wind-resistance by adjusting/bracing where required

For multi-section wind barriers, we seamlessly tie each segment together into one unified, solid structure. Every board, post, cap and fastener is adjusted until your custom windbreak provides optimal screening and fortification against gusts and storms.

Finishing Touches

Before considering the wind barrier complete, we walk the site with you to identify any final refinements necessary so you’re 100% satisfied.

This may involve:

  • Adding extra privacy slats or protective fabric
  • Caulking gaps, smoothing joints, adjusting alignments
  • Ensuring latching/locking mechanisms function smoothly
  • Touching up minor scuffs or nail holes
  • Cleaning entire fenced area and hauling all debris

We also provide guidance for accessorizing your new windbreak over time with planter boxes, vines, decorative trim or lighting.

Our goal is a finished wind barrier you’re thrilled with both visually and performance-wise for protection against Edison’s winds and storms.

Cost of Windbreak Fencing in Edison, NJ

Pricing for custom wind barriers depends on several variables such as:

  • Size/length ranging 100 ft. to 300+ ft.
  • Types of materials – fiberglass, metal, PVC, etc.
  • Single vs. multi-layered with varying privacy/density
  • Height requirements reaching 15 ft. or higher
  • Basic straight layout vs. multi-corner configurations
  • Added gates, arbors, lighting features

With all these factors, windbreak installations typically cost $25 – $60+ per linear foot. So an average 200 ft. backyard vinyl wind barrier runs around $6,000 – $12,000 for materials and professional installation.

An exact quote requires an on-site survey of your unique property layout and conditions. As part of our free assessment, we provide computer visualizations plus detailed pricing with cost breakdowns for design choices. This allows budgeting the wind barrier that ideally meets aesthetic, functional and cost needs from planning through completion.

Contact us to schedule your windbreak analysis with accurate pricing figures and financing options. Take advantage of our winter discounts by booking installations in coming months.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Harnessing years of fencing mastery, our skilled team ensures precision and proficiency for enduring, secure solutions every time.


Tailor your fencing dreams into reality. Our bespoke designs cater to your unique needs, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality seamlessly.

Quality Materials

We employ premium materials, ensuring your fence withstands time and elements while adding a touch of elegance to your property.

Professional Installation

Trust in our seasoned professionals for seamless installations. We handle every detail, guaranteeing a sturdy, visually pleasing outcome that stands the test of time.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our priority. From initial consultation to project completion, we’re committed to delivering excellence, exceeding your expectations at every turn.


Elevate your property without breaking the bank. Our transparent pricing and budget-friendly solutions make quality fencing accessible for every homeowner in Edison.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Edison, New Jersey

FAQs About Windbreak Fencing in Edison, NJ

Do wind barriers require permits in Edison?

Depending on height and proximity to property lines, windbreak fencing may need zoning permits per local ordinances – especially those adjoining neighbors or public land. Our team handles permit applications as part of the wind barrier process.

What is the best windbreak fencing material?

Vinyl, composite wood and metal alloys make excellent wind barrier materials in terms of durability, lifespan and weather/rot resistance. Cedar wood also has appeal but requires more maintenance. The choice ultimately depends on privacy needs, aesthetics and long-term functionality resisting wind.

How long do PVC windbreaks last?

With their inherent durability against warping, denting, or decay, you can expect at least 15-20 years from vinyl wind barriers with minor upkeep. Their stabilized color also retains better visual appeal vs wood fences exposed to elements.

Should windbreaks have gaps at the bottom?

Strategic gaps aren’t detrimental and allow airflow to help deter uplift forces in extreme wind conditions. The key is ensuring the barrier still adequately blocks ground-level winds for comfort and debris control around patios, pools, etc. Where gaps occur, we add brushes, reed fencing or other elements to maintain privacy/screening.

How much wind can a privacy fence withstand?

Properly installed wooden privacy fences can withstand moderate range winds approx. 50-70 mph. While vinyl, composite and metal systems are engineered for higher wind loads – 90 mph and beyond in some products. The key is proper footings and structural bracing, where we follow manufacturers’ structural engineering.

Do wind barriers work in winter too?

While providing valuable shelter from cold winds in every season, windbreaks work slightly differently in winter by allowing low sunlight penetration to melt snow on driveways, walkways or entries. So strategic placement still blocks prevailing winds but permits some lower sunlight under the barrier’s shadow line.

Can you grow vines on a windbreak?

Absolutely. Foliage vines like trumpet honeysuckle, clematis or Boston ivy are great additions for natural green aesthetics and extra wind filtration as they mature over a few seasons. Just ensure the fence structure can support additional weight as the vines grow densely.

What trees work well with wind barriers?

Evergreen varieties like American arborvitae, Hemlock, Junipers or White Pine serve great in tandem with fence barriers. Strategically planted on the windward side, they enhance the protective buffer while their year-round screening adds privacy.

Will homeowners insurance give a discount for a windbreak?

Some insurers may provide a slight premium discount by showing your property’s added wind-resistance from a professionally installed barrier. But the biggest value is preventing costly damage like fallen trees/limbs, patio item loss, siding blows-offs, etc. in gusty storm conditions.

Can I DIY install a wind barrier?

You can potentially install a basic wooden privacy fence as a windbreak yourself. But for structural integrity plus zoning compliance, we recommend hiring local credentialed fencing experts.

Materials are expensive to replace if damaged. And inadequate footings or bracing can fail, causing collapse hazards, property damage and injuries. Our team has specialized expertise gained from years Installing wind barriers in Edison-area conditions.

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