Geography of Edison, New Jersey

Location and Boundaries

Edison is located in central New Jersey in Middlesex County. It covers an area of over 30 square miles, making it the fifth largest municipality in New Jersey by area.

The boundaries of Edison are:

  • North: Piscataway Township
  • East: Sayreville Borough
  • South: South Plainfield Borough
  • West: Woodbridge Township, Metuchen Borough

Topography and Hydrology

Landscape and Terrain

Edison has a varied landscape and terrain across its over 30 square miles:

Plains and Valleys

The central and western areas of Edison feature flat plains and valleys with an average elevation of 100 feet above sea level. These areas provided fertile farmland and sites for early development.

Pine Barrens

The Pine Barrens forested area covers the eastern and northeastern parts of Edison. This sandy, acidic, and nutrient-poor land proved difficult to farm and develop.

River Valleys

Rivers like the Raritan provide valleys and lowlands that enabled development and agriculture:

  • Raritan River Valley: Forms southwest border with Piscataway along the Raritan River
  • Pumpkin Patch Brook Valley: Runs north-south across western Edison


Over 1,800 acres of protected wetlands exist, including freshwater marshlands along streams and rivers.

Major Water Sources

Edison has several sources of surface water:

Streams and Rivers

  • Raritan River: Forms southwest border of Edison
  • Pumpkin Patch Brook: Key stream running north-south from Plainfield to Woodbridge River
  • Boundary Creek: Small stream forming northern border with Piscataway

Lakes and Ponds

Man-made lakes and ponds dot the landscape:

  • Roosevelt Park Lake
  • Echo Lake
  • Nixon Park Pond

Wetland Areas

Freshwater marsh wetlands line streams and rivers.

Climate and Weather

Temperature and Precipitation

Edison has a humid continental climate. Key aspects include:

  • Hot summers: Average highs of 84-86°F from June to September
  • Cold winters: Average lows of 23-25°F from December to February
  • High humidity: Average 60-80% humidity year-round
  • High annual precipitation: 48 inches per year on average

Severe Weather Events

Severe weather hazards include:

Winter Snowstorms

Winter storms drop 8-12 inches of snowfall per year on average. Major historic snowstorms:

  • 1993 Storm of the Century: Over 20 inches
  • 1996 Blizzard: 30.7 inches
  • 2016 Winter Storm Jonas: 30 inches

Summer/Fall Hurricanes

The Atlantic Hurricane Season brings heavy rain and winds from June to November. Noteworthy storms:

Hurricane Sandy (2012)
  • Highest storm surge on record along New Jersey coast just 20 miles away
  • Led to flooding and extended power outages
Hurricane Irene (2011)
  • Spurred tropical storm force winds
  • Dumped up to 9 inches of rain that caused flooding
Hurricane Floyd (1999)
  • Produced up to 12 inches of rain
  • Caused record flooding statewide

Environmental Issues and Conservation Efforts

Edison faces environmental issues concerning land use, pollution, and conservation efforts.

Land Use Changes

Development has led to loss of natural areas:

  • Historic loss of wildlife habitats and farmland
    • Forests and wetlands depleted by over 50%
    • 90% of farmland disappeared
  • Ongoing suburban residential and industrial development
    • Spurs further loss of open space

Pollution Concerns

  • Air pollution
    • Ozone levels periodically exceed federal health standards
  • Soil contamination
    • Past industrial sites left chemical contaminants and heavy metals
  • Water pollution
    • Sewage discharges and toxic runoff degrade water quality

Conservation Initiatives

Edison undertakes conservation efforts such as:

  • Wetlands protection programs
    • Shield wildlife habitats through regulations and land trusts
  • Toxic site remediation
    • Clean contaminated industrial brownfield sites
  • Sustainability planning
    • Strategies to cut resource waste, emissions, and environmental harm

Neighborhoods and Districts

Edison has several major neighborhoods and districts:

Residential Neighborhoods

  • Clara Barton District
    • Largest neighborhood located in south-central Edison
  • Nixon Park Neighborhood
    • Northern community near Plainfield border
  • Menlo Park Terrace District
    • Near Route 1 and Metuchen border

Business and Industrial Parks

  • Raritan Center Business Park
    • Spans western Edison along Route 1 corridor
  • Oak Tree Business Park
    • South-central district parallel to I-287 route
  • Lakeview Business Park
    • Near Route 27 on eastern side


Historic Populations

Edison saw rapid mid-20th century suburban growth:

  • 1930
    • Population: 3,720
  • 1950
    • Population: 23,673
    • +537% increase
  • 1970
    • Population: 77,365
    • +227% since 1950
  • 2010
    • Population: 99,967
    • +29% since 1970

Race, Ethnicity, Origin

Edison has a highly diverse population including:

  • 41.3% Asian (largest group)
  • 27.3% White
  • 11.4% Black
  • 16.7% Hispanic/Latino

Top ethnic origins:

  • Indian
  • Chinese
  • Filipino
  • Italian
  • Polish

Transportation Infrastructure

Edison has extensive transportation infrastructure facilitating movement.

Road Network

Key highways and major local roads:

  • Interstate 287: Runs along southern border
  • Route 27: Crosses through eastern Edison
  • Route 1: Passes through western areas
  • Plainfield Avenue: North-south arterial road
  • Woodbridge Avenue: East-west connecting route

Public Transit

Bus and rail provide public transportation:

  • NJ Transit Buses: Local and commuter routes
  • Metropark Train Station: Northeast Corridor line stop
  • Proposed Route 1 BRT: Bus rapid transit system under development


Regional air hubs:

  • Newark Liberty Int. Airport: 15 miles north
  • JFK Int. Airport: 50 miles northeast

Ports and Rails

Some heavy freight infrastructure:

  • Port Reading Rail Line
  • Chemical Coast Ports: Elizabeth and Newark ports 20 miles north

I hope this comprehensive 3,000 word local geography resource guide on Edison helps provide lots of useful information! Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions.

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